“In matching painting and frame we almost always make choices that little consider the structure of the painting and its colours, considering instead of the richness of decoration and the sparkling of the gilt”.


Franco Sabatelli


When you admire the beauty and the quality of our work, don’t forget that there is somebody who gave it soul. Studio Antiquares bases its work on quality and beauty. To produce such high quality one needs very special people; half craftsman - half artist, able to offer the unique charm of the handmade. The frame is the most mobile piece of furniture and Studio Antiquares doesn’t render it as an accesory that completes the painting, but as a work in its own right; a spectacular and sumptuous piece of furniture eminently extraordinary and lavish. The product is at the same time,  art, technique, culture, taste and research. The work that we create principally has its roots in the XVIII century in Sicily, but also in Tuscany, in Emilia and in Lombardo-Veneto. The design and the creation of frames emerges from a love for the wood and its various characteristics, its grain is never the same and its scent: the aromas of the palisander, ebony, olive and walnut root, can be identified by their aroma alone. The final and essential element is the patina given by Studio Antiquares to its frames. The patina is produced by atmospheric aging, weather, light, dry, damp, and also by wear that the frame undergoes over the decades and which ultimately renders them antique. With the passage of time our frames actually become antique, not old. You’ll take them, after perhaps 100 years, to a good restorer. Light, weather and time will continue to make the work evermore precious.

“It’s a magnificent frame, it seems like an original of the period”: this is the sentence that makes us most proud.