Nowadays it is evermore difficult to find someone who knows how to integrate perfectly with the market. With good taste and with professionalism established over years of research and hard work. Salvatore Tarantino, however, is one of these people. He is an accomplished and refined artist who, following the Sicilian artistic tradition, has elaborated a wholly original and personal technique in his work with frames. Salvatore Tarantino’s creations are the result of the careful selection of materials that give expression to works that excite beyond the visual, with the gentle subtleties of  tone and the hard- won achievement obtained, notwithstanding the difficulty that finding precious wooden pieces is increasingly rare.

The artistic modules, which are also at the heart of the Sicilian cabinet making tradition, open a dialogue with the artistic designer, in clear contrast to industrial mass production. With Studio Antiquares,  Salvatore Tarantino has succeeded in answering public demand which does not want to lose craftsmanship, which looks for the aesthetics of beauty from a knowledgeable cultural heritage, which does not feel discouraged by the time which entirely manual craftsmanship requires to achieve the final product. Each item, a work of art of the highest level, draws admiration, thanks to a selective and technical ability which means each piece then expresses clear great artistic value. 

Rita Cedrini
Professor of Cultural Anthropology and
Industrial Archaeology for the Design
Department at the University of Palermo



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