Reproduction Period Frames 

Competitive Business Advantages in the Furniture System


v   Unrefined moulding exclusive profiles on our design
Assemblage of nude wood with tapping in various points
v   Employment of high quality layering of rare and precious wooden species
v   Palisander, ebony, olive and more other roots are skilfully refined
v   To this day, buhls are made with fretwork
v   Frames made with a cabinet-making process. The layering is applied by hand
v   Artefacts comparable to antique furniture rather than to common frames
v   A finish of rare beauty with gum lacquer drawn  tight by hand and use of virgin beeswaxes
v   Extraordinary technical  skill in giving an aged patina to frames
v   Manufacturing carried out entirely in the work-room in order to get absolute quality on the completed work
v Use of safe materials
v   Strong spontaneous image of the finished product
v   Uniqueness of the work nationally
v    Flexible dimensions: every solution is possible
v    Flexibility in the realization of the same shape with different speciesti
v    Taste and careful attention in the choice of subjects framed
v    Handmade oil paintings antiqued by period techniques upon careful preparation of canvas
v     Prints antiqued and painted with water colours
v     Paintings, prints and frames matched at choice
v     Possibility to make frames of large dimension
v     Chance to make large mirrors with faded glass too rivenditore
v     Opportunity to frame paintings and ancient prints provided by reseller customers
v      Works are all labelled and certified lavorazione e finitura
v      Works carry a card describing the works construction and finish
v      Extremely selective distribution